Ceramic Tile Murals create stunning feature walls

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Custom printed ceramic tile murals create exclusive and stunning displays and feature walls for your residential or commercial project.

There is no limit to the finished size of a wall tile mural and can be created with large tiles or small mosaic tiles.  It is possible to display a different image, logo or text on each ceramic tile to create a mosaic effect, or use one large image over numerous ceramic tiles for large photo murals. JennoliART custom quotes every project as they are beautifully unique and different.

In areas where moisture or heat could be a problem, ceramic tile murals make a great and luxurious looking alternative and will last for many years.unique wall tile mural

Wall Murals can be created from photos, artwork, digital designs or copies of drawings. Large tile murals are best displayed in restaurants, bars, coffee shops, kitchen back splashes, amenity blocks, stairways, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, foyers, libraries or receptions.

We work very closely with schools and create commemorative wall murals using the students art, text and schools logo. The children can draw the tile design on paper and we transfer this art onto our tiles.

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Create a celebration wall mural for your School. By using our system we can print anything onto the tiles, from a digital image to children’s art, hand prints to historical images.

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Frequently asked questions about Ceramic Tile Murals:

Q: How much will these murals cost?
A: We custom quote every project, please contact JennoliART for consulation 02 99811009

Q: Will my mural look exactly like the image I submitted?
A: JennoliART strives to produce to the highest standards. Colour reproduction will vary, based on the chosen tile body. If we feel we cannot achieve satisfactory results, we will contact the customer to discuss.

Q: What if I break a tile during installation?
A: We keep a digital file of every mural produced for a period of times to ensure any damaged tiles can be replaced.

Q: Can tiles be installed on the floor?
A: We recommend to use our glass tile, these tiles can be used for residential or commercial floor applications.


How can we help you to create a Ceramic Tile Wall Mural?

  1. Our in house designer is available for your support
  2. Preview of your design can be emailed to you
  3. We charge no extra set up costs
  4. In house print process ensures consistency
  5. Product quality control
  6. No minimum order quantity required
  7. If requested, for a small fee we can provide samples
  8. Fast turnaround times
Wish to enquire about ceramics tile for a murals?

As every customer has its own personal requirements for the creation of a ceramic tile mural, we provide a quotation on the work requested. Send an email: info@jennoliart.com.au or call on 02 99811009 to talk to us instantly.quote_button