Pool Mosaic Tiles

Each tile is individually hand finished and fired in the kiln, perfect to be used as a Pool Mosaic Tile or anywhere else.

Our love to old and our craftmanship of new, has inspired us to created this gorgeous range of Mosaic Tiles for your pool, home, garden or for any commercial project.

Each mosaic tile set consists of a unique selection of 16 different images, each tile is approx. 48x48mm in size.
The tiles are inspired by the charm and style of old tiles from countries around the world and carefully matched. Each image is individually applied and the tiles are finished by hand resembling a old tile, with the robust tile body of today.
The tiles can be used in your pool as waterline tile, in you kitchen, bathroom, patio or any place you think it would benefit from the gorgeous mosaic tiles.
Set 1 – Celestial Mosaic Tiles
mosaic tiles for your home

Set 2 – Jubilant Mosaic Tiles
pool mosaic tiles

Set 3 – Avant Mosaic TilesMosaic Tiles for Pool

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At jennoliART we use a combination of unique techniques to create bespoke tiles for residential or commercial projects. Our tiles are delivered all over Australia and are part of  exclusive projects and stunning features.
Printed Pool Mosaic Tiles in this small size are hard to find and small enough to be applied on round pools.