School Art Fundraiser

Fundraiser Gifts for school

We love to use beautiful work of your students for our school art fundraiser. The finished products make much loved keepsakes and gifts for your students families.  Our products are printed from a reproduction of full colour artwork or digital designs.

Our products are individually printed with the children’s art. they make beautiful gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas or as an all year art fundraiser.
We offer the choice of selecting a product best suited for your project.
We aim to select fundraiser products which are useful or create great family keepsakes.
We will send you the pre cut artpaper for all the children to participate free of charge.
A good revenue can be achieved, we suggest to select a very profitable mark up of 30-50%.

How do we create our fundraiser products?

After you decide to organise a fundraiser for your school, you need to book it in with us.
You must select a product you offer to your families in advance.
We will supply you with all the precut art paper free of charge.
Your students will create the artwork, please read our art guidelines before you start.
Finished artwork will be send back to us, either the original art or a good scan of your artwork can be emailed.
A reproduction of each child’s individual art or photo will be printed onto our gorgeous products.
No peeling, lifting, rubbing or washing off, your image will be permanent.

We have digital templates available which can be used as Parent Order Forms and Spread Sheets to calculate Profits for your fundraiser.

Minimum order is 20 items per product.

Coaster                 Drink Coasters Coasters are made from hardboard with a cork backing. Your artwork will become permanent part of the surface of the coaster.
Placemats       Personalised Placemats Placemats are made from hardboard with little cork feet! Your artwork will become permanent part of the surface of the placemat
Tea Towel
Personalised Towels for Mum Towels are made from microfiber. This material is 7x more absorbent than normal cotton towels. They are great to be used as sports towel, hand towel or tea towel. The size is 40x40cm and can be printed on one side up to the size of 37x37cm.
BBQ Apron
 Personalised aprons Masterchef / BBQ style aprons are 850×670 long with adjustable neck straps. Aprons are made from strong drill material and feature 2 large convenient front pockets. Aprons are available in the colour: white or stone.


Mugs Ceramic  Personalised Mugs with kids art Ceramic Mugs approx. 92mm high, fit 375ml of liquid. Your individual artwork will wrap around the outside of the Mug, any messages, text can be incorporated into the artwork.


Drink Bottle Stainless Steel  Personalised bottles for Fathersday Drink Bottle, white, 600ml Stainless Steel, approx. 21cm tall, BPA free lining!


shape of
Heart or Star
 Product Ceramic Ornaments Ceramic Ornament, various shapes available, approx. size is 80mm, incl. ribbon ready to hang. Your favourite image, artwork or text will be printed on to one side of the ornament.
Key Rings personalised key ring Key Ring, size of a credit card. Each keyring is personalised with your child’s art.


Bag/Luggage Tag  Personalised Bag Tags Bag/Luggage Tags are made from durable Plastic to withstand everyday use. Tags can be personalised with your art, text or image or school logo!


Mouse Mat  Personalised mousemats for mothersday Size approx. 178x218mm, Mouse Pads are made from neoprene material


Art Board Personalised Door Signs for Mum The art board is lightweight and decorated with your child’s art. Great to use as wall decor or as a door sign
Ceramic Keepsake Tiles  Personalised Keepsake Tiles


Ceramic Keepsake Tiles
This tile can be used to display your art or photo. Additional we have wooden frames or tile stand available.
Ceramic Tiles for Murals        school art tiles From your art work we will create a richly detailed Ceramic Wall Tile. We offer interor or exterior tiles, both options will add a vibrant and stunning effect to any wall or area of your building, to your library, office or your schools hall. Various sizes of Ceramic Wall Tiles are available.


Wall Tiles
 art wall tiles Our Hardboard Tiles are a great alternative to creating light weight Wall Murals. The reproduction and clarity of the images is absolutely stunning, richly detailed wile displaying vibrant colours and the gloss coating will give your Mural a professional finish


Wish to receive further information about our school art fundraiser?

Families and children love products displaying their own kids individual artwork, especialy when they can create gifts and mementos for occasions like mother’s day, father’s day, christmas or commemorative days for your school.

Ask us for our fundraiser information package, we can email it to you today.
Check out our Facebook page: for additional images and finished projects.

As every customer has their own requirements,
send an email:
or call on 02 99811009 to talk to us personally.