Custom Printed Tiles & Decorative Tile Murals in Australia

custom printed tiles

JennoliART is using a combination of ceramic techniques to create unique custom tiles. We make outstanding decorative tile murals and custom printed tiles for private and public projects.

At JennoliArt, we have the option of finishing custom tiles for most applications. Our tiles are displayed as lavish splash backs for kitchens and striking feature tile walls for your homes. Decorative tile murals are installed outside in public places or make eye catching walls for your restaurant. Schools love to use our outdoor tiles to display student’s colourful artwork forever on exterior walls or inside. We have a tile for any application even for your pool or spa.
No order is to large or to small and we deliver our tiles Australia wide.
Because every project is different, we provide you with a personalised quote with 24 hours.

JennoliArt decorative tile murals and custom printed tiles are used Australia wide. The finished tiles can be seen at retailshops, restaurants, residential or commercial projects

Printed Tile Mural

We print custom tiles and custom feature tile murals in any size. Please give us a call and we will assist you to bring your design onto tiles.

  • JennoliArt is Australian owned and operated and we offer over 20 years’ experience in the graphic arts and print industry.
  • We create our tiles using a combination of digital technology and techniques of ceramic art.
  • Your personalised tile project is exclusive and unique, to ensure this we guarantee not to copy or resell your tile design.
  • Our tile range consist of custom printed tiles for indoor applications and printed tiles for exposed outside projects and for swimming pools.
  • We provide high quality standard tiles and we are proud of our 100% happy customer feedback.
  • If you need assistance with your digital design to use on a tile project we are here to help
  • We offer personal and online customer support throughout the project phase.
  • Located in Sydney Australia, we deliver Australia wide.
  • Find extra feedback and projects on our Houzz Profile the largest and most influential directory of renovation and design professionals.

Any artwork can be used to make a decorative art tile mural or use your own pattern to create custom printed tiles.

Custom Patterned Tile

Our custom printed tiles can be installed like any other commercially available tiles using tile adhesive and grout. The Tiles can be cut to size using a sharp or new blade.
Large or small scale tile murals will be packaged well and numbered on the back of the tiles.
We included an numbered image spreadsheet indicating the positon of the tile (like a puzzle) which will assist for easy installation.

Regular clients of ours are home owners, artists, interior designers, decorators, builders, landscape artists, councils, clubs and various commercial operators.

Children’s art on tiles for commemorative tile murals installed at your school.

Leave behind a beautiful feature wall for everyone to admire. Our tiles are designed by children painting the artwork on paper. We copy this artwork and print using ceramic toners, the tiles are lightfast and can be enjoyed for years to come. The tiles could be used as a School Fundraiser, Read more here

Art Tile for School

Understanding that every customer has specific requirements for the creation of a custom printed tile is our speciality.
We provide a personal quotation on the work requested, please contact us on ph. 02 99811009 mob. 0410 644795 or send an email to or use our contact form.

By using jennoliART custom printed tiles or decorative tile murals you can display stunning art in places where wall paper or other substrates are inadequate.