Australian Custom Printed Tiles & Decorative Tile Murals

custom printed tiles australia
We manufacture and create a range of custom printed tiles right here in Australia, utilising a blend of traditional and modern ceramic techniques. Our tiles are designed to suit a variety of applications. Whether you’re seeking a stunning splashback tile for your kitchen or distinctive patterned porcelain tiles for your floors, we have you covered. Elevate your bathroom or outdoor space with decorative tile murals that are sure to captivate and impress.
custom pool feature tile mural
Designing the perfect pool entails more than just functionality—it’s about creating a captivating oasis that exudes luxury and style. Amidst the myriad of considerations, the incorporation of a feature wall and carefully selected pool tiles can elevate your pool design from ordinary to extraordinary. We specialise in crafting exquisite outdoor tiles designed for use on pool features and pool waterlines. Whatever your project entails, we’re here to assist and bring it to life. Given the uniqueness of each design and project, we offer personalised quotes within 24 hours.

Printed Outdoor Tile Mural Australia

Ceramic printed and glazed decorative tile murals offer a versatile solution for both private and commercial projects. These murals can be installed outdoors in public spaces, providing enjoyment for all who encounter them. Overall, the elaboration highlights the multifaceted benefits of decorative tile murals, from their adaptability in various settings to their potential for community engagement, cultural expression, and identity-building. It emphasizes the role of art in public spaces and the power of visual storytelling to unite and inspire diverse audiences.

Printed Outdoor Tile Mural

Public Installation Opportunities: Mentioning that decorative tile murals can be installed outdoors in public places underscores their potential for community engagement and beautification. These murals can serve as focal points in parks, plazas, schools, libraries, and other public areas, enriching the urban landscape and providing visual interest.
Expression of Local History and Identity: Outdoor art tiles offer a unique opportunity to celebrate and showcase local history, culture, and identity. They can feature images, symbols, and narratives that reflect the heritage and values of a community. Moreover, creating member tiles or art tiles for schools and clubs fosters a sense of ownership and pride among participants, strengthening community bonds.

We have added some of our ideas and created tile collections.
Check out our own range of Heide’s floral tiles or wallpaper style tiles,  all designed in a seamless repeat pattern.

Where can I use custom printed tiles?

Please give us a call 0299811009 to find out more or how to bring your design onto tiles.

  • We are an Australian owned family business and offer over 20 years’ experience in the graphic arts and print industry.
  • We create our tiles using a combination of digital technology and techniques of ceramic art.
  • Your personalised tile project are exclusive and unique,we guarantee not to copy or resell your tile design.
  • Our tile range consist of custom printed tiles for indoor applications and printed tiles for exposed outside projects and for swimming pools.
  • We provide high quality standard tiles and we are proud of our 100% happy customer feedback.
  • If you need assistance with your digital design to use on a tile project we are here to help
  • We offer personal and online customer support throughout the project phase.
  • Located in Sydney Australia and the Central Coast, we deliver Australia wide.
  • Find extra feedback and projects on our Houzz Profile the largest and most influential directory of renovation and design professionals or any of the social media links provided.

Children’s art on outdoor tiles for commemorative tile murals installed at your school.

Leave behind a beautiful feature wall for everyone to admire. Our tiles are designed by children painting the artwork on paper. We copy this artwork and print using ceramic toners, the tiles are lightfast and can be enjoyed for years to come. The tiles could be used as a School Fundraiser, Read more here

Custom printed Tiles for art project

No order is too small or too large and we deliver Australia wide.
We understand that every customer has specific requirements, therefore we provide a quotation on the work requested. Find out more and contact us on ph. 02 99811009 mob. 0410 644795, email to or use our contact form.

By using jennoliART custom printed tiles or decorative tile murals you can display stunning art in places where wall paper or other substrates are inadequate.