Balcony Tile Murals

large tile mural

Balcony Tile Murals create an illusion and expansion of your space. The tiles are lightfast and will not fade, create a long lasting artwork and focal point of your outdoor room.

Use any image to create your artwork for outside.
We create our balcony tile murals using ceramic pigment toners  and a protective layer of molten glass. Each tile will be individually printed, the image is applied by hand to a tile, glazed, dried and finally fused in a kiln. We use durable tile bodies in combination to traditional ceramic techniques and a handmade finish.
Feature Tile Murals are used to form an optical extension to your balcony, patio, pool or outdoor area with the clever use of photography or art. Images like pathways, arches, view through doors or arched windows are great to use.
Using Tiles instead of other mediums like wall paper or canvas will ensure your artwork is made to last and will add an luxurious feel to your area.
All our tiles are custom made and finished to order, no project will be the same as we adjust to the size of your area, change tile bodies and sizes.Balcony Tile Murals

We also love using your own artwork or photography and we will fashion an exclusive custom Balcony Tile Murals just for you.

At JennoliArt we love custom projects and assist our clients to bring their ideas and designs to tiles. Our tiles are made here in Australia, therefore we are flexible in what tile body is best to use for your project. By doing this, we ensure the best tile will be used and is well suited to the area you install the tiles.
If you project is in the pool area or exposed to lots of water, we will be using porcelain tiles instead of ceramic.

Some image ideas from our design studio, double glazed, gloss or satin/matte finish and kiln fired, each image can be adjusted to fit your area.:

Balcony Tile Murals or tiles for your outside area are a must have for your home. JennoliArt tiles will also add an exclusive element to your apartment or unit.

Call us today or send us your enquiry, ensure to incluse the area size, where this project will be and maybe your image.