Bespoke Exterior Tiles and Custom Printed Tiles for Public Art Installations

Custom Outdoor Tile Mural

JennoliArt is creating bespoke exterior tiles for public displays and architectural wall murals.
Our tiles are long lasting and will not fade. Each tile is carefully completed by hand, glazed and finished using very high temperatures. By adding a protective glaze our tiles can be cleaned without any issues.
To create our tiles we can use digital images, copies of artwork, names, scans of historic photos and old maps.

Bespoke exterior tiles have been used for centuries to creative public tile displays.

Exterior Tile Mural

We take great pride in offering you the highest level of quality. JennoliArt is using a combination of digital and ceramic technology to ensure our tiles will not fade over years.

Our custom printed tiles can also be used to create replica tiles to restorate old buildings. Our copy tiles have been approved for various projects by the heritage council Australia.  We are very flexible and can adjusted to suit many projects and tile applications.

replica heritage tiles
We have been very successful in replicating the surface of old heritage tiles onto new tiles. All we need is an origininal existing old tile. We copy surface image and try to colour match. Not all colours can be matched, some test fireing is needed.
The finished tiles can be installed just like any other ceramic tiles using tile adhesive and grout.

bespoke exterior tiles school
Community groups, surf clubs, churches or schools love the idea of leaving behind a legacy by creating an exterior tile mural.
As each tile can be different, creating member tiles, displaying logos, names or ranking has shown to be a very rewarding tile installation.
Arrange the tiles for installation and create a masterpiece for all to enjoy.
Our bespoke exterior tiles can also be used in your pool, garden walls, entrance or shop front.

Ho do we support you in the creation of your custom printed bespoke exterior tiles?
bespoke exterior tile mural for Cabramatta
We are here to assist you with your tile project, please email us your idea, design or images. As every project is different, we provide you with a quotation for your tiles.
If you don’t have any images, that is ok as well, we can direct you where to find great photos or assist if you need help with the setup of your feature wall.
The creation of exterior tiles takes time, we need approx. 6-8 weeks for the production of most projects, best to check with us before and let us know your time schedule.
Our tiles have been deliveryed Australia wide, we are in control of every aspect of our work, we check the tiles before they leave our premises and package really well

Custom outdoor tile mural

Wish to receive more information about our bespoke exterior tiles or need a quick quote?


As every customer has its own personal requirements, we provide a quotation on the work requested
send an email: or call on 02 99811009 to talk to us personally.

In the meantime feel free to check out our Facebook page with examples of our recent work.

At JennoliART we create bespoke exterior tiles or tile murals by installing custom-made, decorative ceramic tiles in places where normal art or wall paper would suffer.