Creating Profitable Fundraisers with a Stunning Art Tile Installations

art tiles for school

Engage your school or club community in a meaningful project by organising a tile fundraiser. Individuals can sponsor tiles of a mural, contributing to a collective masterpiece that showcases your community’s spirit and support. We specialise in transforming original artwork, digital designs, scanned images, and photographs into stunning, permanent tile […]


Unleashing Creativity with Digitally Printed Tiles

Digitally Printed Botanical tiles

In the realm of home decor, tiles have long been regarded as functional elements, serving primarily as protective barriers and aesthetic enhancers. However, with advancements in ceramic printing technology, tiles are transcending their conventional roles and emerging as canvases for artistic expression. Digitally printed ceramic tiles empower homeowners to unleash […]


Pool Tile – How to use a decorative tile for your waterline!

Finding the right pool tile for your waterline can be very challenging. There are many different things to take into consideration. Take your time, consider your budget and style to work out what you like to achieve with your pool.  If resort style living comes into your mind, an Australian […]


School Tile Walls

Every school needs funding for a vast range of projects that will help enhance their students’ experience. However, getting funds is not that easy, so it can be a very good idea to think outside the box. School tile walls are a great option.  Not only do the tiles look […]


Wallpaper Tile Panels

Wallpaper Tile - Tropical Bird

The history of decorative tiles stretches back to ancient Egypt. Around 4000 BCE, people started using tiles to adorn the inside as well as outside of their homes. A stunning example of early tilework whose pattern and colour scheme would not be out of place in many modern apartments is […]


Keeping your Pet’s Memory alive!

Grieving for our beloved pets and how to keep the memory alive Dog, Cat or mouse – our pets are our friends and companions, we share so many beautiful memories with our wonderful pets. Saying goodbye to your adored pet is one of the most difficult moments in our human […]


Heritage Tiles for Australian Pubs

Replica Printed Pub tiles

Jennoli is creating replica heritage tiles and is a vital part in assisting and conserving Australian heritage listed buildings. Renovations of old  buildings has been embraced and is again turning some ugly ducklings into beautiful proud swans. We are not only talking churches, old terrace houses, goverment buildings. A big […]