World Environment Day Inspo

custom Turtle Tiles

 There is a pleasure in the pathless woods, There is a rapture on the lonely shore, There is a society, where none intrudes, By the deep sea and the in music its roar. I love no man the less, but Nature more. -Lord Byron With World Environment Day falling today, […]


Personalised custom trends in tile design.

custom printed tile mural

White, grey or patterned tiles are considered as timeless trends, but Interior designers embracing personalised styles and are excited about the opportunity to incorporate custom tiles into the latest bathroom, patio or  kitchen projects. Latest technology has made just this possible right here in Australia. Tiles can be created from […]


Selling Art In The Digital Market

colourful kitchen tiles

By Monisha Iswaran Nowadays the world does most things digitally – and if you’re an artist hoping to sell your work online it’s time to listen up! This enables you to reach a global audience, as you can showcase your work in one place, with many people being able to […]


Passion for Profit using printed Tiles.

printed coaster tiles

Do you have an eye for detail, a love for photography like Maria from Vantsos Design or possess talent with a paintbrush? Check out our idea to turn your passion of art into profit using printed tiles in 2017. Do you have beautiful one-off artworks that you’d love to replicate […]


Tile Wall To Celebrate Town Colourful History

architectural wall tiles

Celebrating an historical event in your city is a memorable day and should leave behind a legacy. This has been done by the Fairfield Council with their impressive tile wall display. Six metres long and 2 metres tall this is the ‘Story of Cabramatta – Unfold’ Artwork has been created […]


Custom printed old world Tiles

custom art tiles

Visiting Spain and Portugal has given our customer the inspiration to recreate this old world charm in her own kitchen. Everything was designed and the kitchen was almost finished, but our customer has not found what she was looking for. Having seen a feature mural in an old farmhouse, she […]