Tile Wall To Celebrate Town Colourful History

architectural wall tiles

Celebrating an historical event in your city is a memorable day and should leave behind a legacy. This has been done by the Fairfield Council with their impressive tile wall display. Six metres long and 2 metres tall this is the ‘Story of Cabramatta – Unfold’ Artwork has been created […]


Custom printed old world Tiles

custom art tiles

Visiting Spain and Portugal has given our customer the inspiration to recreate this old world charm in her own kitchen. Everything was designed and the kitchen was almost finished, but our customer has not found what she was looking for. Having seen a feature mural in an old farmhouse, she […]


Personalised Tiles a Trend to Stay?

unique tiles

Have you ever wondered how you could make your home uniquely different and create a wow factor? Tiles have been overlooked for many years, but in reality they provide a beautiful canvas for displaying art, colour, images and wonderful designs. What do you think about creating your very own personalised […]


Tiling The Way to The New Mirabel House

commemorative tiles for Mirabel house

Readers of our blog will already know that Jennoli Art believes in the power that tile art offers when fundraising for great causes, whether it’s for your local sports club, community centre or your favourite charity. This week, we’d like to share with you a special project that we have […]


Low Maintenance Tile Art for Your Commercial Bar

custom bar tiles

Ask anyone why their favourite bar is their favourite and it’s likely that the same answer will crop up time and time again – it’s all about the atmosphere and personality. Of course, the friendliness of the staff and the menu are always important, but there’s no denying that what […]


Keeping Your Tiles in Top Shape

custom graffiti kitchen tiles

When you’ve invested in a beautiful custom tile feature for your home or professional space, you want to make sure that it stays in perfect condition for as long as possible. Leaving them to collect dirt and grime for months on end can rob them of their intended impact, turning […]


Changing Up Your Interior Design Game

colourful border art tiles

As an interior designer, you are the last point of call before a client’s hazy idea is turned into a beautifully put together reality. You know all the latest trends styles and you also know the concepts that so many people seem to want, but no tile retailer ever seems […]


Commemorating in Style

custom school tiles

When planning for the anniversary of a special community event, you want to do something that will reflect on it beautifully for years to come. While a statue or a plaque are the traditional options, here at Jennoli Art we believe that the more unique and special something is, the […]