Tile Wall To Celebrate Town Colourful History

architectural wall tiles

Celebrating an historical event in your city is a memorable day and should leave behind a legacy. This has been done by the Fairfield Council with their impressive tile wall display. Six metres long and 2 metres tall this is the ‘Story of Cabramatta – Unfold’ Artwork has been created […]


Commemorating in Style

custom school tiles

When planning for the anniversary of a special community event, you want to do something that will reflect on it beautifully for years to come. While a statue or a plaque are the traditional options, here at Jennoli Art we believe that the more unique and special something is, the […]


Make Your Shopfront Stand Out

custom photo tile mural

When it comes to generating business for your café or retail space, there’s no denying the impact that eye-catching décor can have on potential customers. Let’s face it- you could offer the greatest coffee Australia has ever known or the most unique clothing designs in town, but if you let […]