Ceramic Art Tiles – Taking Design Tips from Your Kids (Yes, Really)

custom ceramic art tiles

Ever considered colourful ceramic art tiles in your home?
Have you ever tried to redecorate a house with your young family in tow? It is likely that you’ve experienced the myriad of ways in which children love to help.
Honestly and we admid that there are some experiences that simply aren’t child friendly. Walking through furniture stores for hours on end, probably not!  Going over important design plans with your renovator as they vie for your attention in the background, a no also. However, there is one sure-fire way to keep the little ones occupied while adding a little unique spark to your space at the same time. It’s a win-win for all.

How do you create art on tiles?

Children's art tiles

It is so easy – children create the artwork on paper, copy and send to us – that’s it!
It requires minimal effort on your behalf but is sure to keep the little ones busy for hours. Simply sit them down at a table with pencils, paint or crayons. Make sure you select the colours to match your intended colour scheme.

Colourful art tiles as feature wall

Selection of cutouts of childrens art has been used to create this horse.

Embrace your children and their creative mind in the renovation process. The magic of these options is that we can replicate and copy onto ceramic art tiles. – We do mean any kind of artwork and it will be a wonderful feature to reflect back for years to come.  Let get creative.

Your ceramic art tiles will reflect the medium you use to create the artwork.

Jennoli Art is then able to print them in all their beautifully irreplaceable detail. The tiles are ready to display in corners of the house that might need a bit more life or where the kids will particularly enjoy them, such as next to the bath tub.

As your children grow up, this once novel idea will turn into a nostalgic reminder of their childhood and the time you spent creating a home with a bit more personality and eccentricity than anything you could have found during all those hours spent perusing couches and paint swatches.