Ceramic Tiles printed in Australia

reaIOrOu   si custom ceramic tiles for kitchen

Our ceramic tiles studio has been creating custom work for clients all over Australia and overseas since 2005.
Our individual finished and glazed tiles and murals are suitable to be installed on your residential, retail or commercial project.
JennoliArt loves creating unique tiles and we can assist with the design and layout of your tile design.

Bringing your idea to tiles – our ceramic tiles can be printed and created from a copy of your art, photo or any digital design.

Printed Bathroom Tiles

Please discuss your up coming project with us to ensure the correct tile will be used.
The outcome of every project, even using the same image would look different for every customer as we adjust to wall area, tile body and tile size.

Option 1 – Printed Interior Wall Tiles
Interior wall tiles are created using a digital print system with a low heat application to the tiles.
The tiles are reproducing colours bright, vibrant and bold.
Printed tiles can be used for any interior wall appication, the tiles withstand direct heat up to approx. 200 degrees

Option 2 – Printed and Glazed, Kiln Fired Tiles
Kilnfired tiles are created using a ceramic pigment printing technology finished with a thin layer of molten glass for extra protection.
Having a limited colour spectrum, the tiles display colours good, but not as bright as our interior tiles
The kilnfired tiles will not fade and can be cleaned without any issues, more examples on outdoor tiles

Option 3 – Printed, Glazed, Kiln Fired Tiles for Pool, Waterline or any Aquatic Installation
Pool Tiles are created using our ceramic pigment printing technology, double glazed and finished in the kiln.
The tiles will not fade as we are using uv stable ceramic toners.
We are using porcelain tiles to be used in pool applications, more examples on waterline tiles 

custom pool tiles

JennoliArt is taking great pride in offering you the highest level of quality control in the tile production.

Our tiles will create unique kitchen splashback, stunning tile murals, creative bathroom tile features, tile displays in hotels, receptions,restaurants or anywhere else you need a tile. Finshed tiles can be installed using tile adhesive and grout.

decorative tile mural

Ho do we support you in the making of your unique printed ceramic tiles?

  1. As every project is different, please discuss your project with us beforehand
  2. We provide you with a personal quote outlining cost, and option of what tile is best to use
  3. It is important to choose the correct tile for your upcoming tile feature.
  4. Please email us your design, ideas, photo or scanned image for preview and design set up.
  5. In house print process ensures consistency of your tile, product quality control and we ensure that the tiles will be checked before we send them out.
  6. Samples can be produced for the price of a tile and delivery cost, please contact us to discuss production time.
Wish to receive more information about our custom printed ceramic tiles or need a quick quote?

As every customer has its own personal requirements, we provide a quotation on the work requested

The beautiful finished and unique printed ceramic tiles will create an artwork in places where normal art would suffer.