COME BACK of 70s Tile Designs in 2018

The 70’s were full of vibrant colours and jazzy patterns. Think gogo boots, flare jeans and bold flower-power designs. It was a time of rejuvenation, exploration and colour, colour, colour.

It happens time and time again. The old become new – 70s tile designs are the hit of 2018.

bold patterned tiles

Colourful interiors give a positive, uplifting vibe to any space. A bold wall tile mural could inspire a hit of energy in an otherwise monochrome room, creating that feature element that ties it all together.

A hint of colourful tile trimming in your bathroom will liven it up instantly. Or keep it simple: white floor tiles, white vanities but a pop of colour behind the shower or bathtub in the form of a custom-made, bold coloured splashback. You’ll never want to leave!

old style tiles pretty floral tiles 70s tiles in red pattern Colourful Tiles for splashback

Another trend of the 70s was keeping feature elements in one room, one colour. Remember the orange bathrooms with lime-coloured bathtubs or yellow kitchens with appliances all in line? Why not install your favourite coloured tile splash back and have some (not all, but some) appliances in that same colour or cabinetry to match? It’s all coming back in again.

The biggest hit of the 70’s tile design which is making a comeback in modern design is the seamless pattern tiles which emulate like wallpaper. Think geometric designs or bohemian shapes. It’ll make your space feel unique and ironically, brand new.

patterned kitchen tiles limegreen patterned tiles old style patterned tiles personalised subway tiles

Consider your next renovations and take the opportunity to include your very own 70s tile pattern. With the option of personalising tiles in Australia, every customer can create their own design, colour, pattern mix and match on tiles. Creating your own tiles is easier than ever before, with websites like Shutterstock, AdobeStock or Storyblocks offering endless pattern and images, ready to print onto tiles. One off sample tiles can be produced and matched to your room design. Want to find out more? give us a call today 02 99811009 or email: