Commemorative Tile Wall for Graduates

Previously if you wanted to create a tile feature wall to showcase your schools or preschools gratuating class, children had to paint using ceramic inks and paint directly onto bisque tiles.
This is rather difficult for children as ceramic colours appear different when painted, furthermore the tiles need to be glazed and dried before finally fired.

We offer a simple and long-lasting solution to create a stunning feature for your organisation.

Art Tiles for Graduation Wall

How are our commemorative tiles are made?

We have established a procedure to allow children to paint and create their beautiful artwork on paper.

With the use of digital technology in combination of traditional ceramic techniques we transfer a copy of each child’s artwork onto a custom tile.
We are using ceramic toners to print, apply a layer of flux for protection and fire in the kiln. The surface of the tile is extremely durable and does not need any protective coating.

Art on TilesGraduation Tile

Installation/Maintenance Tips for your Commemorative tile wall

you may use any commercially available adhesive for ceramic tiles. These tiles can be installed and cleaned just like any other ceramic tile.

Art Tile for School
Production time
for custom tiles is approx. 4-8 weeks after artwork has been received, the production time is depending on the quantity.

Fundraiser or Not?
if you intend to use the tiles as a fundraiser, just add your preferred profit on top of our cost per tile price – how much to add is up to you, consider between 30-50% mark-up!

The finished tiles can be used anywhere, e.g. exposed outside walls, inside walls, interspersed in pathways, inlayed in concrete, decorate a pillar, bench or flowerpot or use to frame a walkway.

Tile designs are very flexible as well with the choice of using artwork, school logos, text or names only, historic images, student’s pictures or a mix and match of all mediums.

Please give us a call to discuss your project and don’t miss out on our end of the Year Graduation Tile Special!