Commemorative Tile Walls

Commemorative Tile walls

Mix of students artwork is part of this tile wall

Create commemorative tile walls to raise funds for your organisation and leave behind a legacy enjoyed by everyone.

Every person participating can create a digital design or create an artwork on paper.
This tile program is designed to express ideas of peace, love, tolerance, forgiveness and respect for one another through art.
Walls that Unite make very successful fundraisers, or can be funded through community art and education grants or paid out of your own budgets.
No upfront payment needed. The tiles only need to be paid at the time you place your order and send us the artwork, by that  you have collected the money from participating people or families.

School art tiles

handprints on ceramic tiles

Come together with a purpose and create commemorative tile walls that unites communities, bridges boundaries and is building connections and stronger relationships through art.  

Tiles can be created individually or printed in sections using one large image. Arranged together on a wall they will create a masterpiece you will be proud off!
JennoliART will create commemorative tiles out of original art work, digital images, photos, logos, historical images. Your image will be part of the surface of the tile, no lifting or  peeling of the image!

Commemorative Wall Mural

Road awareness program has created a memorable wall mural in NT

Everyone can get involved in your commemorative tile walls project and create a tile.
The progress it is straight forward and you will leave behind your legacy with a remarkable mural which speaks more than words.

  1. Get started – no upfront cost to you!
  2. Choose your mission and express your ideas
  3. Decide on a name for your Wall; previous names “Harmony Wall” “We are a Nation” “Hand in Hand” “Reach for the Stars”…
  4. Choose where this Tile Wall will be installed.
  5. Promote your initiative through various print and digital media to your target audience and community.
  6. Determine the funding level (example $ 30.00 donation to make one tile).
  7. Arrange art making days and invite press and corporate sponsors.
  8. Everyone can participate in creating a tile or more for your legacy wall.
  9. Any flat artwork can be used, also photographs, logos, prints, digital art.
  10. Engage your mailing list and allow others to submit their art from anywhere in the world via digital images, no extra cost to you!
  11. Install your “Wall that Unites”

All the work has been done! Reward yourself by creating a special event for the unveiling of the completed “Wall that Unite”
(Another fundraising opportunity :))

How we assist you in your Commemorative Tile Walls Project : 

  1. Our in house designer team is available for your support
  2. If using artwork, we will send you all the pre-cut art paper, free of charge!
  3. We charge no set up costs and no pre-payment needed!
  4. No minimum order quantity required
  5. Fast turnaround times

art tiles

Wish to find out how to create commemorative tile walls?

As every customer has its own personal requirements, we provide a quotation on the work requested.
and a staff member will get back to you shortly
send an email: or call on 02 99811009 to talk to us personally.