Custom Mosaics Handmade from Marble and Quartz

Custom Mosaic for Floor
JennoliArt custom mosaics are traditionally handmade using small, regular or irregular pieces of marble and quartz.
We therefore offer the option of creating one-off mosaics, using your photo or design.

Custom mosaics are crafted with love and attention to detail.Handmade custom mosaic for pool

We are using natural materials like marble and quartz for our mosaics. Our natural stone mosaics are suitable for all indoor & outdoor spaces.

Handmade Mosaics make wonderful wall panels also.

Marble mosaics have been used for centuries to tell stories in beautiful cities all over the world.
As every project is different, we provide a quote based on the size of your area and your design idea.
Your custom mosaic can come in 3 different finishes: natural stone, tumbled stones (uneven edges) or polished stone for a glossy finish.

 Get in contact with us today and find out how affordable our custom mosaics are.

Custom mosaics

Replicating this old-world craft, mosaic designs have developed into a popular artform and are not limited to professionals only.
JennoliArt brings traditional technique and handmade skill with our custom option of creating your very own masterpiece.

Outdoor Mosaics Personalised

Our mosaics come as one piece, on a mesh backing, combined 8 mm (3/8 inches) including mesh backing.
Mosaics are easy to install and with every order, we provide an installation manual.

Example of how you will receive your custom mosaic order