Printed kitchen tiles custom made in Australia

Beginning of 2018,  we see a spike in customers wanting to create and design their own personalised printed kitchen tiles.  For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of the top design features that are sure to be scattered throughout interior decor magazines in the coming months.

Safe white tiles and plain coloured options just won’t cut it anymore.

custom printed kitchen tiles

Changing things up with colourful or greyscale geometric options

More and more designs are shown at the beginning of 2018,  we saw the rise of tiles that shunned their typically square shape in order to take the form of something a bit more exciting. While hexagonal options are the clear frontrunner at the moment, more and more designs are showing interesting shapes in different materials such as cement, timber and even three dimensional surfaces.
custom patterned tiles
Objet d’art that makes a statement

Particularly popular amongst Italian home design companies, these tile options offer limitless opportunity when it comes to adding style and individuality to your space. The rise of custom-printed ceramic, glass or cement options depicting paintings, sketches and even political street art have cropped up in the trendiest of homes around the world.
Sure to become popular here in Australia in 2018  Jennoli Art is well known in this industry offering only custom-designed tile art in the country.
colourful tiles for home

Fragmented designs

From psychedelic to subtle to just plain cool, the concept of printing fragmented patterns onto regular shaped tiles has taken off in recent months. There’s no doubt that these options catch the eye and truly become the standout feature of any room. Kitchens are the heart of any home, creating your own custom printed kitchen tiles as a feature for this room will make you never want to leave again.

Adding depth with mosaics for your kitchen tiles

Mosaics will be seen more frequently in modernised bathrooms and kitchens as we make our way through 2018. Not only do they add depth and sophistication to any wall, they are one of the most diverse decorative options with their multitude of shapes, sizes, colours and textures.

architectural custom tiles

To round it up, keep an eye on this company, the tile art created is unique and the option of creating your very own unique designed tiles or feature wall is a luxury most can afford.