Designer Tiles

We work closely with artists, photographer, interior decorators and designers to create exclusive and unique designed tiles.

The beauty of digital printed tiles is that almost any image can be reproduced onto tiles, we can match existing decor, combine old with new and simulate backgrounds like old walls, bricks, stone, wood, paper … while still being able to display crisp images. Designers below transfering their art and designs onto tiles and created luxurious and exclusive features for your homes, restaurants or offices. 

Introducing Designer Tiles by:

Unique Tiles by Bespoke Surface Design – The Strutt SistersStrutt Sister Tiles

Nigel Thomas has created a line of very different Art Tiles – Bnige13 custom printed designer tiles

Decorate your children bathroom with gorgeous tiles designed by – Emu & Owlprinted designer tiles

Our tile designers understand their customers needs and will discuss your project individually.
With the option of bright, vivid full colour print, our reproduction range of tiles are the perfect alternative to create features and displays in homes, hotels or shopping centres.

Interested in any of the above designer tiles?
Please contact the artist or designers directely who will love to work closely with you to achieve your desired outcome.

  1. Have you got your own designer tile ideas?
  2. Contact us  and discuss everything in detail.
  3. We check every single tile before we send them out the end customer.
  4. No minimum order quantity required, we print one tile or one thousand.
  5. Samples can be produced for the price of a tile and delivery cost.
  6. Depending on the project size we offer fast turnaround times if needed, otherwise 2-3 weeks until your order is ready.

Wish to receive further information about custom designer tiles?

As every customer has their own personal requirements, we provide a unique quotation on the work requested.
send an email:
or call on 02 99811009 to talk to us personally.

Our digital printed designer tiles can be installed just like any other ceramic tiles using grout and tile adhesive.