Destination Living

You have your destination wedding, destination gathering but what about destination living?

Each country has it’s own architecture or interior design that is defines by it’s history or famous artistry.

Take Morocco for example. Beautiful, bold floor tiles in arabesque style can be found in most luxury hotels and palaces. Why not bring it home with you and bring that Sahara-Oasis feel into your home. Colours like turquoise, deep blues and oranges are popular in Moroccan design but if you are looking for a more modern feel, why not use monochrome shades in daring patterns, harking back to the tessellating style of Northern Africa.

Old world mexican tiles Old world tiles for pool

Portugal is tile heaven. Take a small walk down a bustling street in Lisbon and you will see the famous tiled walls of houses. Look down and the tiles under your feet each tell a story. Portuguese tiles are colourful and imitate a mosaic look, with beautiful designs painted in intricate detail. Azulejo tiles are now moving from the interior of palaces and churches to home entry ways, bars and restaurants. The vibrant colour instantly invigorates memories of a balmy Portuguese summer on the Algarve coast.

Think Italy and terracotta jumps straight to mind. Terracotta tiles are found everywhere on the Amalfi coast in Italy and even inland. Often using many of the same tile on a wall or floor, tessellated over and over again, these tiles will instantly transport your bathroom to one of the quaint houses on the cliffs of Cinque Terre or  the canals of Venice. The other tile style which harks back to Italy is the combination of black, white and red. White tiles with black sketched artwork with a dash of red brings a sleek and refined look to any space. Incorporate this style of tile into your bathroom or shower splash back to ensure a sense of spice in every part of your house!

Printed old style tile

Don’t leave your favourite interior designs in your photo album from that overseas trip. If you loved the beauty of Morocco or the story behind Portuguese tiles that much – why not bring it home and install it into your own home design?

personalised tile mural

You’ll be on holiday everyday and your guests will ask you where you got your inspiration from!

custom printed tiles