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Beautiful Country Kitchen personalised with splashback tiles showing our customers love for sun flowers. Tile size used 200x200mm, satin finish

Purchased from the Gallery, Walter Crane's Image provide the base for this stunning Art Tile Mural. Interior tile size 300x300mm, gloss - Gillian Adams Spa

Franciscan Church in Kellyville assigned us to create this large tile mural for the Devine Mercy Shrine. Interior tiles 300x300mm, matte

Our Designer team worked closely with this customer from SA. The tile design has been created from a hand drawing copying a specific much loved fabric. Interior tiles 300x300mm, semigloss

Photographer Tom from Inspire Landscape is the talended creator of this image. We designed a stunning splashback using his photo which will enhance this kitchen in the outback of NSW. Interior tiles 200x200mm, semigloss

We worked closely with Designer KevinVo to ensure the exterior tiles will be perfect. His design was easy to work with and the tiles have been arranged to plan. Mix of exterior tiles, 100x300mm, 100x200mm, 200x200mm, 100x100mm

Stunning image of a Greek Island is the feature point for this wall at a home in Darwin. Interior tiles 300x300mm, semigloss

We are proud to be part and create tiles for House of Mirabel Fundraiser. Interior subway tiles 75x152mm, semigloss

Memories, quotes and favourite images are the base for this unique custom kitchen splashback. Interior tiles 152x152mm, matte

Our customer created a seamless pattern and we reproduced this onto tiles. The finished tiles are mounted onto a wooden framed board to create a stunning bedhead. Interior tiles 300x300mm, matte

Swiss Photographer Peter Dandliker made beautiful australian images, one of this was the Gum forest. We are lucky that he left us with this image to reproduce onto custom tiles. This customer created tiles for the inside of the shower, rest of bathroom decorated with timber and brass. Interior tiles 300x300mm, semigloss

We reproduced from an amazing artwork a stunning feature wall for the inside of our customers shower. Being an open bathroom, this feature wall also became the focal art for the master bedroom. Interior tiles 300x300mm, matte

Young interior designer has created the monochrom tiles for her end of the year project. Her tiles have been usen in various wall applications and look stunning. Interior tiles 152x152mm, semigloss

South Africa has inspired our customer to use a much loved picture as the base for the feature tiles in the kitchen. Having this feature in between the windows imitated the feel of being there, right on the waterhole. Interior tiles 200x200mm, semigloss

Melbournes Streetart has inspired our customer to create a bar with a difference. Contrasting with the black cabinets and bench, the bold artwork is the talking point of the evening. Interior tiles 300x300mm, semigloss

Loving to cruise around on the chopper bikes inspired our customer to match the tiles to the colourful kitchen to create a special accent. Interior tiles 200x200mm, semigloss

At Jennoli we provide exclusive printed tiles for our clients and each project is personal and unique. The custom Tile can be designed to match or compliment your existing decor.  Some splashbacks have been created following images of old world tiles which are not available to purchase any more. 

If you are interested in creating a custom tile for your home, office or shop we would love to help you with your project.