Heritage Tiles for Australian Pubs

Conserving our heritage buildings has been embraced and is again turning some ugly ducklings into beautiful proud swans. We are not only talking churches, goverment buildings, a big part of this renovations are many of Australians Pubs.
Particular one tile stands out as soon as you say Pub, this is the yellow freckled tile on the outside of most old pub buildings.

JennoliArt has created a ceramic techique of replicating this heritage listed tile, they even make the tiles look old and fit it with the existing tiles.

Heritage tiles for Australian Pubs are the signature of the exterior of many buildings.

This tile appears in a variety of tile sizes and varies from light yellow to darker shadows, with every tile looking slightly different. To fit in with the existing exterior a selection of tiles needs to be created to blend in well.

Pubs are dotted across the Australian continent, from the outback to the beach. Not only the exterior of the pubs is getting a make over, inside you will find high ceilings, timber-lined walls, lead windows, wrought-iron lacework and suites with features such as a claw-foot bathtubs, king-size beds and leather armchairs.

With more than 6000 pubs and bars in Australia, restoring some of the beautiful old building is bringing history back to life.

As the colours and size of the tiles vary throughout the country, the heritage tiles are custom made for each project to ensure they will fit in with the existing tiles.