How do you celebrate your schools Commemorative Day?

Our school is having a big celebration coming up this year. Thoughts on what we should organise for  this day have been discussed for month, we had an ideas suggestion box up in the office and we loved the input of our school community. So many great ideas. Final plans about our anniversary day are created, we will make sure it is a day of fun, that we will be including the school’s family and local community and that this day will be remembered.

Art tile ideas for commemorative tile murals

The P&C is engaged, and teams are formed to ensure each activity will run smoothly. We are lucky we have many volunteers are lined up.

Our decision to bring together the past and present schools community through a very special project has been embraced by all– we will be installing a Commemorative School Murals using custom printed ceramic tiles. Installing a commorative mural using tiles was carefully thought out and with the help of some talented minds we had a design.

Art Tiles for School

School Tile Mural created from childrens portrait

Tiles are a wonderful longlasting medium to replicate all our ideas.  To make our wall more colourful, we include children’s artwork and some historical images of the school and the local area. To increase our fundraising goal, we have invited local businesses to sponsor a tile. We send out art paper to past students with the invitation to create a tile. Last not least, we love our teachers to design a special tile for our legacy wall.

exterior school tiles

School Commemorative Tile Mural

The centre will be a major focal point of our commemorative wall, as we will be including our schools logo and a celebration text.

We are all so excited to bring together this project, it will be a legacy enjoyed by our present and future schools community and everyone in our local area. The school held an unveiling ceremony on Wednesday.

Anniversary, Mosaic and Commemorative Mural Ideas: