Keeping Your Tiles in Top Shape

When you’ve invested in a beautiful custom tile feature for your home or professional space, you want to make sure that it stays in perfect condition for as long as possible. Leaving them to collect dirt and grime for months on end can rob them of their intended impact, turning your spectacular splashback into a dull, less impressive version of itself. The good news is that this is relatively easy to avoid, with ceramic and glass tiles being convenient to clean and maintain if you do it regularly and in the right way. To ensure that your tile art remains as beautiful as possible, we thought we’d give you some tips on how best to maintain them.

Keep it gentlecolourful mural

When it comes to cleaning your custom tile art feature – whether it’s a wall piece or a kitchen or bathroom splashback – you want to make sure that they are kept in great condition. This means that abrasive cleaning substances are a no-go, as it can cause tiny scratches on the surface of your tiles that will start to become noticeable over time. If you need a deeper clean, stay away from harsh utensils such as wiry brushes. Instead, use a damp mop as usual and scrub any stubborn areas with a soft sponge.

Clean as you go

In a time where everyone leads busy lives, this is one that seems easy in theory but harder in practice. When you’re cooking and notice that grease has spilled onto your splashback, or when you see that shampoo is sitting on your bathroom tiles, cleaning it sooner rather than later is always the better option. Dirt and grime becomes much harder to remove the longer you wait. Wipe down your splashback as you go and you’ll thank yourself later!


You don’t always need to use harsh chemicals to get the best results from your cleaning products. A quick google search will yield a number of effective and natural recipes for tile and grout cleaner. A popular option is to mix baking soda, lemon juice (or ammonia, if you don’t mind using it), white vinegar and warm water together, put it in a spray bottles and leave it sitting on your tiles for 1-2 minutes before scrubbing with a soft sponge or brush. Inexpensive and easy, your tiles will look as new and vibrant as ever.