Patterned Floor Tiles


Floral Patterned Floor Tiles

JennoliArt is creating large patterned floor tiles. Our tiles are made from porcelain, printed and finished in Australia. Our tiles are custom made to order, using your design or maybe any of our design?
We don’t like waste, therefore we only make tiles which will be used, production time is approx. 3-4 weeks.

Australian made decorative patterned floor tiles

We turn the spotlight onto custom made 100% Australian porcelain tiles.
Using a larger tile size of 450x450mm we need less grout lines while still enjoying the beautiful decorative patterned look. Our Tiles have a pressed edge which will need a 3mm groutline. Tile can be used for wall or pool applications also.

Decorative Patterned Tile Collection, each tile is 450x450mm:
Make australian made your first choice.
Our design collection of tiles are not just elegant, but also they possess a unique versatility that makes them ideal for different types of applications.

3D Floor Tile Collection, each patterned floor tile is 450x450mm, matte glazed finish:

A marvellous opportunity to design your own decorative tiles.

We offer the opportunity for custom tile decoration to create a luxurios one off tile design only you have in your home.
Play with colours, pattern or images in your tile design and create a stunning tile feature, see wallpaper tile panels here.

Please give us a call ph. 0410644795 for any further information or make an appointment and visit our studio.