Printed Tile Panels

printed tile panels
Our beautiful printed tile panels empower you to combine the durability of a porcelain tile with the beauty of wallpaper. We have created a tile product for areas where wallpaper just can’t be used.
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Tile Information:
100% Made in Australia
Each set size is 900x900mm, individual tile size 450x450mmx7mm, Tiles have a cushioned edge
Made of Porcelain – Low Water absorption 0.5% < 3%, Slip Rating P3

  • Feels lightly textured like a painted wall
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Suitable for use on floors and walls, indoors and outdoors

BOTANICAL Tile Collection:
Our 2022 botanical inspired designed tiles feature a repeated pattern, which means you can add extra sets on all 4 sides seamlessly and create a decorative wall as large as needed.

Printed Tile Panel

Tile Collection Name – BOTANICA “A luxurious tile set featuring a black cockatoo and crane, amid floral designs in pastel hues.”

Printed Tile Panel tropical style

Tile Collection Name – CYMBIDIUM A tropical tile set featuring orchids surrounded by rainforest foliage.

Printed Tile Panel Tropical

Tile Collection Name – TROPICAL BIRD A tropical tile set featuring parrots surrounded by lush banana leaves and rainforest foliage.

Printed Tile Panel Birds

Wallpaper Tile HERON BLUE 900X900MM Tile Collection Name – SAGE HERON or BLUE HERON A classic tile set drawn in fine lines, featuring two elegant herons wandering among rainforest foliage.

Single tile design (5 tiles per m2)

Botanical Tiles

Tile Collection Name – BAMBOO “An elegant tile set featuring a classic yet abstract bamboo design in monochrome”

Wallpaper Tile BLUE LEAF 450X450MM

Tile Collection Name – BLUE LEAF “Abstract tile collection featuring a delicate design of overlapping leaves, set against a light steel-blue backdrop”

Printed Tile Panels Australian Floral

Tile Collection Name – EUCALYPT An Australian native watercolour design, featuring eucalyptus leaves and subtle bursts of wattle.

Wallpaper Tile FERNERY 450X450MM

Tile Collection – BANANA LEAF A luxurious green-toned watercolour design, featuring luscious palm fronds and banana leaves.

Wallpaper Tile FLORAL DREAM 450X450MM

Tile Collection Name – FLORAL DREAM “An elegant watercolour design featuring mixed foliage and tropical blooms set against a striking textured charcoal backdrop”

Wallpaper Tile HUMMINGBIRD 450X450MM

Tile Collection Name – HUMMINGBIRD “A stunning fine-line tile design featuring elegant hummingbirds amid the lemon trees, set against a paper-white backdrop”


Tile Collection Name – PROTEA BLUE “Beautiful protea tile design, featuring watercolour blooms in blue hues set against deep navy mottled backdrop”

2022 HERITAGE Collection 

Tile Information:
Ceramic Tiles, individual tile size 300x300mmx7mm, Tiles have a bevelled edge

  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Suitable for use on walls, indoors and outdoors
Wallpaper Tile MISS PENELOPE 600X600MM

Heritage Collection Name – MISS PENELOPE A tropical tile set featuring parrots surrounded by lush banana leaves and rainforest foliage in green tones.

Floral Tile Panels

Heritage Collection – PARADISO “Luxurious tiles featuring cranes and black cockatoo set in tropical blooms and foliage “

Hertige Collection – Single tile design: 

Wallpaper Tile DRAGONFLY 300X300MM

Heritage Collection – DRAGONFLY “Fall in love with this gorgeous floral design, featuring a mix of blooms in green and blue hues set against a mottled light blue backdrop”

Wallpaper Tile WARATAH 300X300MM

Heritage Collection – WARRATAH Beautiful mix of warratahs and Australian fauna, featuring watercolour blooms in pastell hues set against a white backdrop.

Wallpaper Tile WHITE MAGNOLIA 300X300MM

Heritage Collection – MAGNOLIA WHITE Delightfull magnolia tile design, featuring watercolour blooms in green hues set against a white backdrop.

What you need to know about our printed tile panels.

Australian made tile panels are a pattern of tiles that replicate the look and design of wallpaper.
Our beautiful printed tiles featureing seamless repeat designs. Porcelain tiles make an ideal lining of walls in your bathroom, shower, laundry, alfresco area even suited as a decorative tile feature wall for your pool.
Seamless repeat design means that you can add on as many tile panels as needed to achieve the required width or height of your feature wall.
We deliver Australia wide, give us a call ph. 0410644795 or pick up from Central Coast or Sydney Northern Beaches.

Interested in using your own design on our tiles, give us a call to discuss this option – Customisation of tiles enquire here

The tiles can be used anywhere as made from porcelain and fired at high temperature. Our tiles are not affected by the elements as they will not fade, consequently making beautiful feature walls inside or out. Not only do we use our own seamless designs, many high resolution images can be replicated on our porcelain tile panels.

Creating a feature wall for your home or any commercial premises? Customise our printed tile panels with your design.

A tile project slightly different would be to use one image and enlarge it to create a large feature wall.
The tiles can be covering the whole bathroom wall,  outside around your pool or create a stunning outdoor kitchen area.
Example of how an image can be enlarged to create a continous image tile mural – If that is your project idea please give us a call 02 99811009  to discuss.

Here at JennoliArt we love to make custom tile features and work with your design as well as offering some ideas and designs of our own. Our tiles are fired in very high temperature, therefore some colours work better than others.  We are more than happy to create a draft design for you. Want to find out more about our tile panels call ph. 0410 644795.

At JennoliART we understand that every customer is unique. We work to meet your specific requirements when it comes to creating beautiful tiled spaces in and around the home.  Why not get in touch with us and we can discuss your next tiling project.

We also offer a range of decorative tile pattern for floor or walls, using our large patterned porcelain tile – check them out here.