School Tile Walls

Every school needs funding for a vast range of projects that will help enhance their students’ experience. However, getting funds is not that easy, so it can be a very good idea to think outside the box. School tile walls are a great option.  Not only do the tiles look great, but they are bringing in a wonderful way for kids to show their ideas and creativity. A Tile wall project will help the school gain funds and improve the childrens learning process.

School Tile Wall for school of air

What are school tile walls?

The main idea behind art walls is that kids get to create their designs. A tile printing business like Jennoli Art will print tiles with these artworks. Then the school can create a tile wall which is suitable for fundraising. The idea of using long lasting tiles instead of papers shows a lot of creativity from the school itself. Plus, it’s just an engaging and fun way for you to showcase your ideas and push them to the next level.

The school can choose whether those tile walls are installed outside or inside depending on the tile body and the procedure. But maybe the best thing is that the overall design and artwork quality remains the same. The transition is seamless, and that child’s imagination is easily transposed onto a tile without losing the true essence of that piece.

In addition, the school tile walls can have multiple small artworks, or kids can work together to create a large art piece. Each child can work on a smaller part of the artwork, and then everything can be added to bring in front an extraordinary experience.

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What can these special art projects be used for?

School tile walls can be very appealing, because they show the creativity of kids attending that school. So it can be great for self-promotion, especially when new parents come here, looking for a good school for their child. Student tile walls can be very good to celebrate a commemorative school project. It can be an amazing way to remember a specific day or event.

However, one of the main reasons to create school tile walls is to create funds for your school.
Fundraising products with art, check out these option. These are a great, appealing set of items thrown together to generate funds for the school.
This approach is already used worldwide, and it has managed to bring in some astounding results for a lot of schools.

School Tile Walls Victoria Reception decorated with art tiles

How can you create your own school tile walls?

Jennoli Art is here to help you with a simple, creative system designed to create a beautiful feature wall. Here’s how you can use the service:

  • First you need the idea how your wall will look like.
  • You can have every child work on his own artwork, or you can have them work together on a large piece. You will receive al the necessary paper and a guide to help through the entire process.
  • There will be a project coordinator assigned to your project.
  • Once all students finish their artwork, you have to ship the artwork to Jennoli Art. If you need any other customisation options, you can work closely with the project coordinator to add those into the mix.
  • Jennoli Art creates a tile for every artwork piece, and those tiles are shipped to you. On top of that, you will receive all the assistance and support needed from our team.

If you’re looking to create excellent school tile walls to raise funds for any school event or any other purpose, give Jennoli Art a try today. We are a tile printing company specialised in providing state of the art school tile walls. You can easily increase your fundraising odds, while also using these tiles for commemorative or even promotional services. The sky is your only limit, so don’t hesitate and get in touch to use these extraordinary school tile wall printing services right away!