Summer Tile Inspiration

It’s that time of year again.

The cold is gone, the sun is out and your home is begging you for a spring in it’s step.

It’s so easy to neglect our houses and not change a thing about them for years on end. With “spring cleaning” season over – don’t miss the boat! This summer, you can still give your living space a treat.

personalised tiles

It doesn’t have to be a big interior shake-up, sometimes just moving a piece of furniture, adding some old charm tiles or a large painting can change the look of your home instantly. Or, you could play with tiles!

Here some tile inspirtation for your home

A tile splash back, adds a dash of colour and an eye catching new element to your interior. They are easy to design and even easier to install; the size, image, colour and shape being completely up to your imagination.

Plantation theme is in this coming new year, with the desire to bring the outside-in definitely a look that’s on our radar. Why not craft a series of beautiful natural tiles to install behind your stove or in your bathroom behind the vanity. While kitchen and bathroom splash backs are the most popular designs at JennoliArt, there’s no limit to where tiles can be implemented. How about behind your desk in your home office? Bringing a fresh look to a place reserved for work inspires creativity and a positive work ethic. Or in your bedroom, as a unique bed-head? The possibilities are endless.custom tropical tiles

Another trend which has been adding a hint of luxury to homes, is the custom patterned tile. Hotel lobbies, restaurants, boutiques and salons are embracing this design favourite, adding character with a dash of style. But who says you have to keep the tiles on the wall?

Tile wall murals are also a great idea for a summer face-lift, with a beautiful coloured or monochrome tile pattern adding a great layer of luxe to your home. It doesn’t need to be an entire wall either. Sometimes just a panel draws the eye and brings charm to a once boring space.