Tile Fundraiser for schools, kindergarten or clubs

fundraiser tiles

Tile Fundraiser using personalised custom printed tiles created from a reproduction of individual artwork, photos, logos, text, historical images or local maps. Previously children had to paint using ceramic inks and paint directely onto tiles. Unfortunately that wasn’t easy as ceramicOu colours appear very different when painted to when the tile is fired. Our Tile Fundraiser is different as we have implemented that children can paint and create their beautiful artwork on paper.

Organise a tile fundraiser for your school or club and create a beautiful feature wall everyone wants to be part of.tile fundraiser

We offer the choice of tiles for interior or exterior applications to be used as fundraiser tiles. The tile design is very flexible as we can copy from artwork, text, old images, logos, mix and match. We even send you the art paper free of charge.

With a little imagination and creativity, the tile installation can be in simple lines, creatively arranged like a mosaic or framed by colourful blank tiles.
Don’t foreget to include your organisations logo and add some text why you display this wall. JennoliART can assist with any digital set up and layouts.

school wall murals for tile fundraiser

Bright and colourful tiles for interior murals

How to organise your tile fundraiser?

First you have to decide where the tiles will be displayed.
Ask us for our pricelist for interior tiles or exterior tiles and our brochure which explaines the difference of the tiles.
Full colour artwork can be created on paper supplied by us or digital in 300 DPI.
Once finished post the artwork to us or send us the scanned copy via email or file transfer.
A reproduction of the supplied art or design will be printed onto our ceramic tiles.
If you like to offer a second tile as a keepsake, we can create mulitple tiles using the same image.
No peeling, lifting, rubbing or washing off, your image will be permanent.
The tiles can be installed just like any ceramic tiles, with tile adhesive and grout if needed.

We have digital templates available which can be used as Parent Order Forms and Spread Sheets to calculate Profits for your fundraiser.

Minimum order is 20 tiles per tile fundraiser order
As every customer has their own requirements,
Ask us for our fundraiser information package, we can email it to you today.
JennoliART is also a provider of personalised customised gift products for school fundraiser, check out more here.

Check out our Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/JennoliART/ for additional images and finished projects.

send an email: info@jennoliart.com.au
or call on 02 99811009 to talk to us personally.