Ceramic Tile Info

Our tiles are exclusively custom finished and printed to your specifications to ensure your tile project is unique, we custom print interior or exterior tiles.

Where can the tiles be used?
Interior tiles can be used on any interior wall, e.g. splash back, bathroom feature wall, accent tiles, pool room but also in a permanent shaded area outdoors.

Exterior tiles can be used anywhere, the tiles will not fade, graffiti can be removed and are scratch resistant.

How can you achieve bright and vibrant colour’s, while others cannot?
Interior tiles will give you the best colour reproduction.
To imprint the interior tiles we use heat up to approx. 230 degrees. Because of the low fireing temperature  the colours are strong, bold and vibrant and the clarity of the image is photographic quality.

Exterior tiles are also excellent, the difference is that the tiles are imprinted and refired in high temperature of over 800 degrees.
The print is still photographic quality, colours are a little subdued but display good contrast. Gloss finish is providing extra protection.

How durable are the ceramic tiles?
We decorate commercially rated ceramic tiles for use in hospitality, commercial, retail or residential market.
Our tiles are individually made for each customer, the digital printed images are applied by hand and infused into the surface of the tiles using heat.
Interior Tiles:
The tiles would need to be exposed to heat over 210 degrees for a prolonged time before the colours start migrating.
The colours are not UV resistant, that is why the tiles cannot be used on exposed exterior wall applications, but in an permanent shaded undercover area the tiles can be used outside.

Exterior Tiles:
Exterior tiles are created using high pigmented inks and the tiles are refired in the kiln. This ensures that the colours will not fade and the surface is hard wearing. The tiles are recommended for any public installation outside, can be used on floors (consider slip resistance) and sometimes inside as well. Colour reproduction is good and clarity of the images is photographic quality.

In House tests applied to the ceramic tiles, our tile info:
Interior Tiles:
We have inserted the tiles into boiling water for approx. 30 minutes without detrimental effect to the image.
We have poured  hot oil over the imaged tiles and left it on for some time, cleaned it off with a gel cleaner, no change.
We have a tile fully submerged for over 90 days in water, no change to the tile print and surface.
We have tiles installed outside in an shaded undercover area for approx. 4 years now, the colours are good and vibrant.

Exterior Tiles:
Guaranteed not to change for more than 50 years.

Do you offer different surfaces on the ceramic tiles?
Yes we offer a variety of surface finishes for the interior ceramic tiles.

Gloss finished tiles
Interior Tiles- are recommended to be used for decorative murals or artistic displays only. Carefully use unsanded grout or no grout to install the gloss tiles.

Exterior Tiles- can be used anywhere

Semigloss (satin) finished tiles
Interior Tiles only- can be used on any interior wall application. The tiles have a beautiful smooth finish and don’t reflect the light as much as the gloss tiles, this make it the perfect all-rounder in our tile collection.

Matt (velvet) finished tiles
Interior Tiles- can be used on any interior wall application. The tiles are amazing with a velvet feel and are perfect for any art replication on tiles. The tiles don’t reflect the light and look perfect from any angle. The tiles do not need to be sealed.

Exteior Tiles- can be used on the floor but some scratching can be expected.

How do you recommend the ceramic tiles to be installed?
Ceramic tiles adhesive – any commercially available adhesive you normally would use for ceramic tiles is good to be used.
Ceramic Tile grout – to grout the interior ceramic tiles we recommend to use un sanded grout readily available at your tile shop, any grout can be used on the exterior tiles.

Do I need to seal the tiles for extra protection?
Matt, Satin or gloss tiles do not need to be sealed because they are non porous and have a very low water absorption rate.

How do I care for my beautiful art tiles?
The tiles can be cleaned with any non abrasive household cleaner and a soft cloth.
The tiles will create an artwork for your home and care should be taken to preserve this art.

Want to know more tile info, wish to talk to us or need a quote?
As every customer has its own personal requirements, we provide a quotation on the work requested and a staff member will get back to you shortly, send an email: info@jennoliart.com.au
or call on ph. 02 99811009 to talk to us now.



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