Waterline Tiles and Pool Tiles

Waterline Pool Tile
Our waterline tiles will add just that little bit of difference to your newly build or renovated pool. Jennoli porcelain pool tiles are double glazed to ensure they are perfect for this environment. Our tiles can be used anywhere not only in a pool. If you fancy using your own pattern or art please let us know. We custom make tiles just for your project also.

Australian waterline tiles are individually hand decorated, glazed and fired in the kiln.

We love creating unique waterline tiles, see some design inspirations below or send us an email to discuss your ideas and project:

Ceramic printed and glazed waterline tiles. Handcut mosaics and pool tile art feature walls.

We are using traditional ceramic craftmanship in combination with the latest technology. Our tiles are used to as waterlines, pool feature walls or art for the bottom of the pool. Imagine how a custom tile wall will change your landscape with the introduction of colour, design and art?
Tile displays can be a coral reef or your dream holiday destination. Fancy a tropical floral design, art deco or your favourite photo, we can make it.
For more ideas our large scale patterned  Floor Tiles or seamless Wallpaper Tiles are also suitable.
Pool Patterned Tile

The selection of tile size will influence the overall appearance of your tile artwork. A small tile will make the same pattern appear more condensed compare to a larger tile. A feature tile wall as using a small tile will create a mosaic effect, but using a large tile will have a photo like effect.
Pool tile projects can be inspired by countries like Portugal, Spain, Italy, Marocco and Mexico using traditional designs.

Pool Tiles

La Nivarra – Set of 16 Patterned Pool Tiles

Many pool tiles displaying the charm and style of old world tiles.
Creating a custom tile art for your entertainment area will not only improve your personal living standard it will also add value of your home.  Studies suggest that time spent in your favourite outdoor area correlates with an increase in happiness .Pool Tile Mural Custom DesignFeature Tile Mural for Pool

Handmade and handcut marble and quartz custom mosaics – read more here

Custom Mosaic

Personalise your project and create pool tiles using your very own design.
Create greenery and nature on your feature walls to decrease stress levels. So, why not create your own outdoor escape like our ‘Happy Feet’ waterline tiles?
Pool Waterline Tiles

Contact us today for your personlised pool tile quote

We never will run out of tiles as our waterline tiles are made to order. We also want to ensure that all our tiles are used and nothing goes into landfill!

Patterned tiles can be specifically designed to suit your decor and taste. Most popular are black and white pattern or simple art on tiles. You imagine it, we can create it onto tiles.