Custom printed Art Tiles or Designer Tiles

children art tiles

We have made amazing custom printed art tiles displaying local artists, children’s art and art created by designers. Our tiles are suitable to be installed on any wall inside or even on an outside wall. Schools or other sporting organisations love to use our tiles to create beautiful long lasting legacy tile walls.

We are thrilled to be able to offer printed art tiles displaying copies of full coloured art. Designer Tiles can be permanently printed and glaced, displaying retro, vintage, heritage or modern designs.

Looking for an outside installation, we also create exterior tiles, very detailed in the finishing and with colours that will never fade. We recommend to finish the tiles in gloss as this will add an extra protective layer to allow any graffiti or markings to be removed.
With a good choice of tile sizes we hope you can find the tile suitable for your project and create an exclusive display using as many tiles as you need.

Commemorative Tiles

Any medium can be used to create your artwork, although some colour variation can be expected due to the influence of heat. We strive to replicate your artwork as close as possible. The tiles make wonderful art tile installations or splashbacks.
Artwork supplied can be jpg, tiff, photoshop, eps or pdf files,  300 DPI at finished output size of your project.
By using our tiles you turn your creative project into a work of tile art.

Wish to receive more information about our ceramic art tiles or need a quote?

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Art tiles for Public Mural

In the meantime feel free to check out our Facebook page with examples of our recent work.

At JennoliART we create stunning art tiles, tile murals by installing custom-made, decorative ceramic tiles in places where normal art or wall paper would suffer.quote_button