Pool Tiles

waterline tiles for your poolJennoliArt Pool Tiles are unique, vibrant and very decorative with motives and patterns inspired by Spanish, Mediterranean, Mexican or Turkish designs.

Our tiles are created on robust tile bodies suitable to be used in your swimming pool, spa, shower or anywhere else. The Tiles can be used individually or grouped as sets. We like to inspire you with our tile selection, we offer limitless design options and the charm and appearance of an old world tile.

We quote on each project, but as a guide tiles from our selection of pool tiles are available in following sizes:
Size 48x48mm – $ 6.50
Size 100x100mm – $ 9.95
Size 200x200mm – $ 29.00

Titanic Pattern Pool Tiles:

Set of 16 – Pool Tiles:

Tile size 48x48mm or 100x100mm
minimum order is 10 sets

Not sure what pattern?