Glass Tiles

Glass Tiles
Create a breath taking floor or wall feature by using custom printed glass tiles. We use textured and tempered glass tiles for our unique projects.

We print to the back of glass tiles to create depth and protect the picture from wear and abrasion. 
These tiles are best used for splash backs, special feature walls , stunning floor applications or counter tops.
Using our technology, will allow you to customise your commercial or residential design project with distinctive glass tiles of any size.

How durable are your glass tiles?
We are using tiles from USA.
The tiles have been tested by the Tile Council of America and showed that the glass is significantly stronger than most ceramic or porcelain tiles.

The textured surface on the glass tiles does create an amazing effect, while the image applied to the back of the tile will give your design brilliance.
We have a variety of glass tile sizes and use tempered or un tempered glass for the large tile.
The glass tiles are printed by us in Australia and can be installed just like any other tile, using white adhesive specific suited for glass tiles.

How we support you in the creation of your glass tiles.

  1. Please email us your design to ensure we can create the perfect glass tile or mural for you.
  2. If you don’t have a high resolution image yourself, you could chose beautiful royalty free picture or pattern from websites like Dynamic Graphic,  shutterstock or Fotolia  just to name a few
  3. If you haven’t contacted us by now, we will call you and discuss your idea
  4. A preview or draft of your tile will be emailed to you.
  5. Any changes can be applied or correction can be made.
  6. In house print process ensures consistency of your tile.
  7. Product quality control, we check every single glass tile before we send them out.
  8. No minimum order quantity required, we print one tile or one thousand.
  9. Samples can be produced for the price of a tile and delivery cost.
  10. Fast turnaround times if needed, otherwise approx. 2-4 weeks until your order is ready for splashback tiles
Wish to enquire about glass tiles in Australia?

As every customer has their own personal requirements, we provide a quotation on the work requested.
send an email:
or call on 02 99811009 to talk to us personally.quote_button