Graffiti Tiles

Kitchen tiles graffiti

Before and after image, Graffiti image has been used to create the splashback tiles

Graffiti is finding its way off  walls and buildings to framed artwork, beautiful public displays and onto tiles. Creating graffiti tiles is like a celebration of  colours, pattern, art and graphics and best of all every project is matchless different. 

As all of our tiles are custom made to order, designs are flexible to our customer’s needs.
Our clients can provide their own high resolution photographs to create the tiles or images purchased from the street artists.
We are not limited to graffiti we create tiles from any digital image and our clients challenge us with a wide range of designs and projects.

Residential homes can use tiles very effectively in modern kitchen renovations, feature walls in bathroom, for the pool room or laundry splash back.
We recommend for restaurant or bar renovations to consider custom tiles displaying images of graffiti as they would create a very exceptional art display and will be easy to clean.
The tiles are produced in a variety of sizes from mosaic tiles 50x50mm up to large size 300x300mm and are exclusively only available through JennoliART.

The colourful and very different graffiti tiles will transform any interior wall, bathroom feature wall or kitchen splash back into a work of art.

Displaying controversial and bold art in otherwise blank spaces will be an instant conversation starter and highlight of your area.
Our tiles can be mounted just like any other ceramic wall tiles with tile adhesive.

As every customer has its own personal requirements, we provide a quotation on the work requested.

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