Subway Tiles Bellinger

Subway tiles have been around for centuries, installed in bathrooms and used as kitchen splashbacks, will always be that classic tile to use.

“Bellinger” is an art collection reproduced on our subway tiles, hand drawn celebrating flow and connection.
As all our tiles are custom printed to order, you are able to chose your favourite designs to suit your installation.
The tiles will make a wonderful addition to any home renovation as they are beautifully different and are only avaialbe at JennoliART.

We introduce the new collection of Subway Tiles – Bellinger white and black

Timeless Subway Tiles Bellinger Collection
Subway Tiles size is: 75x152mm
background: warm white
with black print
Option of semigloss or matte finish

Select your images and Order from our Subway Tiles “Bellinger” Catalogue:

Subway Bellinger Catalogue 200515

Subway Tiles Bellinger black

Bellinger Collection is available in white or black and can be ordered individually selecting your preferred pattern.

As every customer has its own personal requirements, we provide a quotation on the work requested.
send an email:
or call on 02 99811009 to talk to us personally.

Can’t find a pattern you like, create your very own custom printed subway tiles and we ensure that your project will be unique and exclusive.