Glass Tile Info

We do not stock any finished printed glass tiles, every tile is made to order using your art or design.

Where can the glass tile be used?
The glass tiles can be installed on any interior wall, bathroom, counter top or floor. The image is printed onto the back of the tile which gives the tile an extra sheen and a luxurious appearance.

How can you achieve bright and vibrant colour’s on the glass tile while others cannot?
To imprint our images into the surface of the tiles we use heat up to approx. 210 degrees. Because of the low temperature used the colours are strong, bold and vibrant and the clarity of the image is amazing.

How durable is your glass tile?
We are using glass tiles from USA. The tiles have been tested by the Tile Council of America and showed that the glass is significantly stronger than most of the ceramic or porcelain tiles.
The glass tiles can be used on any interior wall, counter top or floor application.
The large glass tiles are made from tempered glass, but we have untempered glass tiles as well in case you need to cut the tiles.

Do you offer different glass tiles?
We love the textured finished glass tile and will recommend this tile for any floor  or countertop application.
Tile size 152x152mm and 300x300mm

We also have a small smooth tempered glass tile available which is recommended for decorative use only
Tile size 100x100mm – special order

How do you recommend the glass tile to be installed?
Glass tile adhesive – to install the glass tiles care needs to be taken not to damage the image on the back. As adhesive we recommend to use any Epoxy Thin Set mortar in white.
Glass tile grout – to grout the glass tiles use an epoxy grout specially designed for glass. Where the tiles are used exposed to water, please use waterproof grout or seal the grout so that the water does not get under/behind the tiles.

How do I care for my beautiful art tiles?
The tiles can be cleaned with any non abrasive household cleaner and a soft cloth.
The tiles will create an artwork for your home and care should be taken to preserve this art.

Wish to talk to us or need a quote?
As every customer has its own personal requirements, we provide a quotation on the work requested and a staff member will get back to you shortly, send an email:
or call on ph. 02 99811009 to talk to us now.



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