Custom printed Splashback Tiles

Melbourne Street Art is the talking point for this splash back

Many kitchens are the heart of the home, why not create splashback tiles so unique that they will be the instant talking point for your visitors.

We are blending new technologie with custom designs to create beautiful and unique tiles for your bar, laundry, pool house or kitchen splashback.
Our tiles provide the medium for your art or image you love, they are easy to keep clean, display beautiful colours and will certainly make a statement installed in any home or restaurant.
Custom ceramic tiles are available in many sizes from small mosaic tiles to large tiles and can be finished in beautiful matte, semigloss or gloss.

Tile splashback for kitchen

You will never get tired spending time in this kitchen!

Our tiles are not available off the shelve and will exclusively be created for your own use. No project is the same as we work with your ideas and designs and each tile is made to order.

We custom print any design, photo or image on to the ceramic backsplash tiles for your home, entertainment or commercial splashback tiles projects.

We are often asked if our customers get tired of their feature splash backs and the answer is No, even after years  each and everyone would say it was the best idea ever.
Projects range from recreation of artwork, printing photos, logos, text or memorable images.
Option of a Semi gloss or velvet/matte finished tiles are best used for backsplash/splashback application.
We print monochrome or full colour, the resolution is photographic quality, every little paintstroke will be seen if using artwork as the base.


Funky street art and graffiti tile can be used to create exquisite and unique backsplash wall for your shop, restaurant, exclusive splashbacks in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, bar, wash or pool room.

Frequently asked questions about our splashback tiles in Australia:

Q: How much will these murals cost?
A: We custom quote every project, please contact JennoliART for consultation 02 99811009

Q: Will my mural look exactly like the image I submitted?
A: We strives to produce to the highest standards. Colour reproduction can vary slightly, based on the chosen tile body. Please be aware that colours on computer screens look slightly different then the colours printed.

Q: What if I break a tile during installation?
A: We keep a digital file of every mural produced for a period of time to ensure damaged tiles can be replaced.

Q: Can tiles be installed on the floor?
A: We recommend to use our glass tile or kiln fired floor tiles, these tiles can be used for residential or commercial floor applications.

How will we support you in creating splashback tiles for your project?

    1. Please email us your design or image.
    2. If you don’t have a high resolution image yourself, you can find many stockphoto websites online.
    3. If you haven’t contacted us yet, now is a good time to discuss your ideas and needs.
    4. A digital preview or draft of your tile or mural will be emailed to you.
    5. Any changes can be applied or correction can be made.
    6. Product quality control, we check every single tile before we send them out.
    7. No minimum order quantity required, we print one tile or one thousand.
    8. If creating a mural, we will mark each tile on the back and number the tiles to allow for easy installation.
    9. We supply installation guidelines and image spreadsheet.
Wish to receive any further information about splashback tiles?

As every customer has their own personal requirements, therefore we provide a quotation on the work requested.

Send an email: or call on 02 99811009 to talk to us about splashback tiles in Australia, instantly.quote_button