Add Another Dimension to Your Artwork

As an artist, there may be no greater feeling than seeing people enjoy your work, and there are now more opportunities than ever to make that happen. New technologies and trends continue to push the boundaries of how we notice and use artwork in our everyday lives rather than simply hanging it on the walls of homes and offices. More and more, we’ve seen creatives flourish by putting their designs on clothing, buildings and digital platforms, gaining exposure from people who might not have seen it otherwise. Now, with the rise of tile artwork, another element has been added to this concept with its ability to appeal to a wide range of people and places, such as interior designers, retail spaces and home décor.

Printed Splashback-Tile


So, what makes tile art such an exceptional way to get your work out there? Well, almost every bathroom, kitchen or café uses them, for starters. They used to be plain with minimal design, but increasingly, we at Jennoli Art, are seeing people opt for unique options that make their room or shop stand out. After all, what is more unique than one-of-a-kind urban artwork? With the functionality of being a standard aspect of most buildings but with the diversity that naturally comes with paintings, drawings or graffiti, tile art is becoming an effective way to give urban artists and their work a new edge.


Since Jennoli Art began printing urban designs onto tiles, a wide range of artists have been able to share their work with people all around Australia. Arguably one of the best things about this concept is that it’s all-inclusive; whether you create paintings, drawing or patterns using colours, shades or both, transferring them onto functional tiles can appeal to the personalities and preferences of anyone looking to add art into typically art-less places. Knowing that your unique designs, drawings or paintings are displayed across homes and commercial areas can feel incredibly rewarding and naturally leads to greater exposure and the potential for more interest in your work. If you think that you could benefit from this innovative new way to share your creativity, get in touch with Jennoli Art by visiting our website.