Tile Wall To Celebrate Town Colourful History

Celebrating an historical event in your city is a memorable day and should leave behind a legacy.
This has been done by the Fairfield Council with their impressive tile wall display. Six metres long and 2 metres tall this is the ‘Story of Cabramatta – Unfold’
Artwork has been created by local artist Kevin Vo in colaboration with JennoliArt a local tile finish business.
Hundreds of tiles are telling the story from the Cabrogal people over 30,000 years ago, to European settlement and more recent waves of migration.

Custom Printed Kiln Fired Exterior Tile

Only kiln fired exterior tiles can be used for projects like the Tile Wall in Cabramatta.
The tiles need to be created with high quality ceramic inks and fired in the kiln to be resistant to fading, scratching and constant cleaning.
The tiles are recreated from old images, maps, stories and historical events and arranged tastefully to create a stunning wall tile feature, admired by many.

Cool Tile Displays for Schools, Clubs or Restaurants

Custom printed exterior tiles murals are a wonderful and stylish addition and will tell your story for years to come.
This project would equally be well received by schools celebrating a special milestone. Schools have created very attractive colourful murals using the childrens art, old images of the building, historical events, logos of supporting businesses or  images of their area.

Do you have to tell your story and want to leave behind your legacy, exterior tiles are definitely the way to go.
In any case we would have a tile suitable for your project and we look forward working with our clients to create long lasting amazing displays.
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