Wallpaper Tile Panels

Jungle Wall Tiles
Bringing the option of contineous design to tiles with our large wallpaper tile panels.
Best of all our tiles are made, printed  and finished in Australia, this is 100% Australian Made.
We custom finish the tiles, therefore our production is flexible. The tile size we use is 450x4500mm, with the option of a matte or shine finishing.

Example of custom tiles using our Jungle design.

We use an individucal tile size of 450x450mm, option of matte or shine finish for our tile panels.
This tile can be used anywhere as it made from porcelain and fired at very high temperature. Installation can be inside showers but also great to be used as an outdoor feature wall also. Our tiles are not effected by the elements as they will not fade and can be used inside a pool also.

Here at JennoliArt we love to make custom tile features and work with your design as well as offering some ideas and designs.

Creating a feature wall for your home or any commercial premises, you can’t go past our large scale custom wallpaper tile panels.

Not only do we use seamless designs, many high resolution images can be replicated on our porcelain wallpaper tile panels.
Our tiles are fired in very high temperature, therefore we are limited in our colour range.  Monochrome images look fabulous on our tiles as well as blues, terracotta, yellows and sage green images. Ask us about our tile panels on sale, call ph. 0410 644795 and check out some of our designs made into seamless wallpaper tile features.

Feature tiles “World” can be adjusted from 450×900 up to 2250x4500mm which is same as above image “Jungle”.large wall tile panels

Are you interested in creating your very own featur wallpaper tile wall, call us today ph. 0410644795 and discuss your project or email info@jennoliart.com.au

We also offer decorative tile pattern for floor or pools, using our large porcelain tile – check them out here.