Wallpaper Tile Panels

The history of decorative tiles stretches back to ancient Egypt. Around 4000 BCE, people started using tiles to adorn the inside as well as outside of their homes. A stunning example of early tilework whose pattern and colour scheme would not be out of place in many modern apartments is the funerary chambers of the ancient Egyptian King Djoser (ca. 2630–2611 BCE). The perception of wallpaper is not so sterling. Indeed, many people still (wrongly) regard wallpaper as gaudy. First originating in ancient China around 100 BCE, wallpaper’s pathway to the modern age is actually filled with examples of beautiful design.
Now a new product that combines the durability of porcelain tiles with the design features of wallpaper is set to invigorate interior design: wallpaper tiles.

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What are wallpaper tile panels?

Wallpaper tile panels are exactly what they sound like. They are a pattern of tiles that replicate the look and design of wallpaper. Our porcelain wallpaper tile panels are all made in Australia and feature seamless design. They making it easy to get stunning effects across large surfaces. In fact, using wallpaper tiles is an ideal way of adding striking design elements within the kitchen, bathroom, feature walls, as floor tiles or even inside your pool!

Floral Tiles Wallpaper Style "Botanica" Wallpaper Tiles HeronWallpaper Tile - HummingbirdWallpaper Tile -EucalyptWallpaper Tile -Bamboo
The benefits of wallpaper tile panels

We fire our wallpaper tiles at very high temperatures to ensure they are extremely durable. Meaning, you can use them anywhere inside or outside the home. Porcelain wallpaper tile panels are perfect for creating lasting beautiful interior or exterior murals. Our tiles are not affected by the elements and their lustre will not fade. And for those with a penchant for doing their own design, many high resolution images can be replicated on our porcelain wallpaper tile panels. Which makes it easy to get the exact effect you want when creating a feature wallpaper tiled surface.

Wallpaper Tile -Floral DreamWallpaper Tile - Design Splashout Blue Wallpaper Tile -Blue LeafTile Panels 3D Swirls

Design tips

  • Create a feature wall. Use wallpaper tiles to elevate the atmosphere of any space and get people’s attention. To really make a statement, use a seamless patterned effect or replicate a large image as a focal point.
  • Up to the ceiling. Wallpaper tiles are durable, making them a fantastic option for wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms (or even in and round the pool). Taking your tile up to the ceiling adds extravagance whilst simultaneously making spaces appear bigger.
  • Make a big statement in a small space: Design and create a focal piece to add a bit of drama to even tiny spaces. For instance, use a wallpaper tile panel to create a hard-wearing and easily cleanable kitchen backsplash that really pops. Floral Tiles and wallpaper tiles

Wallpaper tiles help you make a big statement in a small space

Wallpaper tiles empower you to combine the durability of tiles with the beauty of wallpaper.  At JennoliART we understand that every customer is unique. We work to meet your specific requirements when it comes to creating beautiful tiled spaces in and around the home. Indeed, creating unique custom printed wallpaper tiles is one of our specialities. Why not get in touch with us so that we can discuss your next tiling project?

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