Choosing the Perfect Mosaic for Your Room

Having a mosaic feature in your home, office or retail space is a great way to bring life and colour to any room and really set the tone for the décor that surrounds it. However, choosing which option you’d like to place as the main attraction can be difficult and time consuming. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of elements to consider while perusing the extensive array of mosaic options you no doubt have before you.

Finding your mosaic a place

So you love the look of these detailed beauties but you’re not entirely sure which area of your home it will work best in. The great thing about mosaics is that they work in almost any area of the home, but are most commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens as they are easier to maintain than other options. They are particularly great for small spaces, as they tend to open up the area and bring life to it regardless of how simple the surrounding décor may be.


A unique underwater mosaic made by Jennoli Art

Assessing your options

It goes without saying – deciding on what tiles will fit best within your space is the most important, and possibly the most daunting, task of all. After all, the range of options for mosaic features are virtually endless. Not only do you have a range of different patterns and designs, but there are thousands of textures and sizes to consider as well. Remember, it’s important to consider the space you’re installing them in when making a decision. Are you doing an entire wall in mosaic design or is it simply a feature strip? These questions will form the foundation for how big and out there you want to go with the style you choose.

Choosing the tiles

So by this point you’re over looking at hundreds of tile designs and just want to choose one, right? The best way to come to a final decision is to plan out the end result you’re looking for – for something intricate and detailed, smaller tiles with a range of subdued, multi-patterned touches is often a great choice. For a more urban look, a collection of larger pieces with vibrant colours is the way to go.

So there we have it – a basic guide to dealing with the overwhelming amount of tiles options one has when choosing a mosaic for their room.