Sponsor Tile Wall for Surf Lifesaving Clubs Australia

The surf lifesaving club is a community meeting place and has great opportunity to display member details on a tile wall. Through educating our youngsters about beach safety and awareness from Nippers into doing patrol duty on their own one day, it is undeniable that lifesavers make our beaches a lot safer.

Having children myself, who have gone through the Nippers program, I am only too grateful for our coastal lifesaving community. As little 8 year olds, they donned their orange caps and learnt about rips, currents, ocean animals and basic first aid. Flags was a favourite, as were the long sand runs.

But what made my heart race was seeing them hop onto long boards and learn how to navigate the waves. Their little orange heads bopping out behind the break line made me feel immensely proud and at-ease knowing that there were senior volunteers teaching as well as looking after my kids – who now go out and surf on their own.

They are now also giving back, having gained their medallions and do voluntary patrols.

But this all really got me thinking. While the lifeguards are keeping beach-goers safe and voluntary lifesavers man the patrol tent, tending to blue bottle stings and fishing people out of currents, what are we doing to give back and say thank you?

Those red and yellow flags don’t fund themselves.

Sponsor tile wall for school or club

What about starting a tile wall mural at your local lifesaving club, for members or even beachside locals just wanting to chip in. Create a Sponsor Tile Wall – check out here

With each person or family able to sponsor their own tile, ideas for tile donations could be anything from having the name and date of each sponsor printed onto the ceramic tile or choosing a beach-inspired photo.

tiles printed for tile wall

You could even ask members to simply pick a tile from a larger mosaic image; the sponsor’s name inscribed in the corner. custom splashback tiles

Serving as a symbolic community effort, the mural will show locals and tourists alike that your lifesaving club is strongly supported and an asset to the coastal community