The Rise of Functional Art

Gone are the times when art was merely printed onto a canvas and hung on a wall. The popularity of useful creations has well and truly become a large part of modern culture, with innovative minds creating ways to get their paintings or drawings noticed away from the more traditional methods of galleries and exhibitions. Here are just a few ways that artistic creations have snuck its way in to our everyday lives…

Wearable masterpieces

There’s perhaps no greater way to get your work out there than by draping it across a walking, talking canvas. In recent years we have seen the rise of quirky print on demand websites that give customers the chance to transfer any pattern, painting or drawing onto a piece of clothing they can wear all around town. High-end designers have been doing it for years but these affordable and convenient technological innovations now give up and coming artists the chance to truly show off their work to the world.

Tile Wall Murals

Wall Feature Tiles inside Shower

More than just a painting on a wall

Tile art is rising in popularity around the world, with European designers credited for sparking the trend through their intricately detailed and unique creations. Rather than opting for the traditional bathroom or kitchen splashback options, artists of all styles are teaming up with tile distributors to give people vibrant, cultural pieces that add a touch of Melbourne-Streetart-Splashback-2style and personality to homes around the world. Jennoli Art is the first company of this kind to distribute tile art around Australia, boasting collections that include urban designs, aboriginal paintings and bespoke creations. This method removes the typical canvas or frame and turns artwork into something that becomes an inherent feature of the home.

Throughout the home

Unique homeware pieces are very much on-trend at the moment. Go to any market around the country and you’re sure to find several stalls that offer designs in the form of bowls, cushions, vases and even things like candles and potted plants. Once again, the plain has been thrown out in favour of something more modern, fresh and fun and creative’s have absolutely taken the opportunity and ran with it.