World Environment Day Inspo

 There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,

There is a rapture on the lonely shore,

There is a society, where none intrudes,

By the deep sea and the in music its roar.

I love no man the less, but Nature more.
-Lord Byron

With World Environment Day falling today, it is a reminder that we need to appreciate nature more than ever – to make sure we will never lose it.

Inspired by the unmatchable beauty found in the details of a plant or the vastness of the ocean, we love creating nature-based tile work.

Being nature-lovers here at JennoliArt, we know the serenity and peaceful feeling gained by living near the beach or taking a walk on a bush-track. But the reality is, with our busy work lives, and short weekends  – we can’t get outside enough.

So, if you’re happiest in the wilderness, by the bush, dessert, mountains or by the beach… why not bring nature inside with some landscape themed wall tiles?

With our highest quality printing allowing you to choose your favourite landscape photograph and have it printed on your choice of tile size and mural dimension, living in a city will no longer be a nature-free-zone.

It will not only make a once plain room look stunning, but also open small spaces to seem endless, or even like you are looking out of a window.

Always wanted that ocean view? Why not create your own?

Architectural tile murals

Love the greens of a rainforest? Why not bring it inside?

custom printed tiles for world environment day


In love with the Australian outback? Why not enjoy it on your kitchen splash-back?

custom photo splashback tiles

To get your creative energies flowing, recently we had a customer install a pine forest mural into their living room and another installed an underwater-scape in their bathroom. The possibilities are endless.

It’s the old saying; there is a solution for everything. So, what are you waiting for?