Create Your Own Poolside Oasis

Tile Murals Bathroom

Relaxing in a spa or pool is arguably the highlight of any Australian summer, whether you’re entertaining friends or simply enjoying your own company while trying to dodge the heat. But while wooden decking and plain coloured tiles are the standard décor for these Aussie backyard features, it’s now easier […]


Revamp Your Patio with Tile Art

custom mural for patio

There’s nothing better than entertaining guests outdoors on a warm summer’s day or sitting outside at night enjoying a few drinks with friends as the heat simmers down. After all, so much of Australian culture encompasses being outdoors with friends and family, eating great food and having a good time. […]


Tiles That Can Make a Difference

custom school art tiles

Schools, teams, clubs and communities; most people, at some point in their life, have found a sense of belonging within a group that shares a vested interest in the same activities and interests as they are. These experiences enrich the lives of individuals and the societies they live in, which […]