Personalised custom trends in tile design.

custom printed tile mural

White, grey or patterned tiles are considered as timeless trends, but Interior designers embracing personalised styles and are excited about the opportunity to incorporate custom tiles into the latest bathroom, patio or  kitchen projects. Latest technology has made just this possible right here in Australia. Tiles can be created from […]


Custom printed old world Tiles

custom art tiles

Visiting Spain and Portugal has given our customer the inspiration to recreate this old world charm in her own kitchen. Everything was designed and the kitchen was almost finished, but our customer has not found what she was looking for. Having seen a feature mural in an old farmhouse, she […]


Personalised Tiles a Trend to Stay?

unique tiles

Have you ever wondered how you could make your home uniquely different and create a wow factor? Tiles have been overlooked for many years, but in reality they provide a beautiful canvas for displaying art, colour, images and wonderful designs. What do you think about creating your very own personalised […]


Tiling The Way to The New Mirabel House

commemorative tiles for Mirabel house

Readers of our blog will already know that Jennoli Art believes in the power that tile art offers when fundraising for great causes, whether it’s for your local sports club, community centre or your favourite charity. This week, we’d like to share with you a special project that we have […]


Changing Up Your Interior Design Game

colourful border art tiles

As an interior designer, you are the last point of call before a client’s hazy idea is turned into a beautifully put together reality. You know all the latest trends styles and you also know the concepts that so many people seem to want, but no tile retailer ever seems […]


Little Design Touches That Create Loud Results

When renovating a home, retail space or office, most people want to do something that will make their space truly their own. This can be done in many different ways, but often the easiest and most cost-effective option is to find an eye-catching selection of tiles and use them to […]


Unique Tile Ideas That Your Kids Will Love

custom kitchen tiles

When it comes to quirky and interesting tile designs, the choices are as endless as your imagination. The ability to print any image or pattern onto these versatile options means that they no longer belong merely in the kitchen or bathroom; they have something to offer to every room or […]


5 Unusual Ways to Use Eye-Catching Tiles

custome printed tiles

When it comes to using tiles throughout the home, most people assume that they are only useful or attractive when used as a kitchen splashback or lined around the bathtub. In reality, these items offer a diverse range of decorative options if only you find the right designs to suit […]