Changing Up Your Interior Design Game

As an interior designer, you are the last point of call before a client’s hazy idea is turned into a beautifully put together reality. You know all the latest trends styles and you also know the concepts that so many people seem to want, but no tile retailer ever seems to create. Instead of waiting for these options to land at your feet, why not create them yourself? The ease with which custom tiles are able to be made makes the process of printing virtually anything onto a glass or ceramic piece more accessible than ever.

Designer Tiles by Walker

Tile Design by Martina Walker

More and more, we are seeing a push towards unique, quirky trends that make people feel like a space is entirely their own rather than a copy out of a décor magazine. As an interior designer, developing a range of custom tile art is sure to make you stand out from the crowd and catch the attention of clientele that can’t find what they’re looking for anywhere else. Create your own range of signature pieces like the Strutt Sisters did [pictured] by taking your specific style and translating it into design concepts. Whether it’s quirky pictures and bright colours or more sophisticated, sleek looks, your range will come to represent what your business is about and will add a dimension that most other businesses simply do not possess.

Alternatively, you can simply give your clients the opportunity to have their own designs or photographs printed onto tiles that they can treasure for years to come. By taking these ideas on board as part of your interior design options, you would be unlocking an entirely new way to decorate people’s homes and commercial spaces.

At the end of the day, you know your client base better than anyone else. Creating your own line of custom tiles is the perfect way to harness the design trends that you see becoming popular so that you can deliver a completely unique service.