Personalised Tiles a Trend to Stay?

Have you ever wondered how you could make your home uniquely different and create a wow factor?
Tiles have been overlooked for many years, but in reality they provide a beautiful canvas for displaying art, colour, images and wonderful designs.

What do you think about creating your very own personalised tiles?
One of our customer has taken this to a new level and is now enjoying a kitchen splash back where each tile is telling a story.

Personalised kitchen tiles

The tiles, a combination of black and white images, vintage pictures, quotes, trees and inspirations have been arranged very tastefully and compliment the style of kitchen. Wouldn’t you love cooking in this kitchen and enjoying your beautiful personalised tiles?

Personalising tiles for your own home has never been easier and exiting as any quantities of custom tiles are possible. No matter what your design of a tile is, JennoliArt will ensure this tile is uniquely yours and your designs are protected. The tiles can match existing fabrics and vibrant colours.

Art tile created from fabric image

Customer’s Review: JennoliART was an outstanding company to deal with. Their quality of workmanship, customer service, communication and product are all excellent. Heidi goes above and beyond with attention to detail and timely turnaround. I highly recommend JennoliArt and will absolutely us this company again.”

kitchen tilesA good variety of tile sizes are available from tiny mosaic tiles up to large 300x300mm tiles. Even the finishing of the tiles can be customised, from gloss, semigloss to matte.