Personalised custom trends in tile design.

White, grey or patterned tiles are considered as timeless trends, but Interior designers embracing personalised styles and are excited about the opportunity to incorporate custom tiles into the latest bathroom, patio or  kitchen projects.

Latest technology has made just this possible right here in Australia. Tiles can be created from any digital designs, incorportate vibrant colours or your favourite photo can be the source of a stunning tile mural in your home or office.
decorative architectural tiles

The beauty about designing your own tiles will be that your tiles are unique and exclusively made just for you. It is like owning an original artwork and displaying it proudly, the tiles will catch your visitor’s attention and will be the source of an instant discussion.

Combine industrial style with splashbacks displaying streetart, enchant your patio with a tile mural displaying an amazing landscape or add some luxury to your bathroom with an eye-catching mural. Printed and professional finished tiles make a great choice in areas where art displayed on paper would suffer due to moisture or regular cleaning.custom splashback tile murals

Your next project will come to life using the personalised custom option to create unique tiles displaying your passion and individuality.

Customer Reviews tell more than 1000 words:

Hi  JennoliART,

Just a quick note to say I love our new tiles! They look fabulous and are certainly a talking point for our friends and family.  graffiti tiles


J & F Boddy, Hendra QLD

Artist Review:
Dear JennoliART, I am speechless, the tiles arrived today and they are magnificent.  You have done great job.  My composition is elevated to a new level thanks to your work.  Colour, quality, all is great, I am absolutely happy.
Kind regards Zoja Trofimiuk.
P.S. The packaging was impeccable as well.

personalised kitchen tiles